The quality and purity of Optima CBD oil


  • Optima CBD Oil is made from an unique cannabis plant with above average healing properties. This medicinal cannabis plant is patented and EU-certified.
  • The culture process is carried out with vitalized spring water and is 100% organic. This prevents contaminated water and harmful residues such as synthetic drugs, pesticides, toxins or bacteria from ending up in the cannabis plants and ultimately in the final product.
  • The cannabidiol (CBD) crystals have a purity of at least 99.87%. This makes Optima CBD oil one of the purest products on the market worldwide. We guarantee highest purity and optimal effectiveness.
  • The production takes place in a medical laboratory so that the high quality requirements for pharmaceuticals (GMP) are met.
  • The purity of the content in CBD oil is extensively studied by our laboratory staff and regularly tested for any foreign substances.
  • All our employees are medically trained, like naturopaths, doctors and a pharmacist. We believe that everything should be done as nature intended!


100% natural origin, without any additives!

unieke kwaliteit Cannabidiol kristallen uit uniek proces.

The energetic effect of Optima CBD oil

The effects of CBD can be measured in different ways. One of the best methods for this is the reproducible measuring system PROGNOS®. This system focuses on the different energy pathways in the body and the measurement can determine exactly where the causes of the disease come from. With this systeem we can also measure the effects of dietary supplements like CBD oil. The following graphic shows what such a measurement looks like.

CBD oil measurement

Unskilled eyes can not do much with the graph above, but the effects of the Optima CBD oil are clearly visible here. The light green line is actually the desired performance for the individual. The blue line is the current energy level that is quite different from the ideal line. The closer this line gets to the desired level of performance, the healthier the person is. After taking a few drops of Optima CBD, a new measurement is taken, which is shown as a red line. It can be clearly seen that the red line is closer to the ideal energy line. The conclusion that you can draw from this is that our CBD oil provides better balance and energy efficiency across the body.