Optima CBD olie voor dierenCBD oil for animals

CBD oil is an excellent means of promoting animal health and well-being. Like humans, mammals also have an endocannabinoid system. This endogenous system functions as a signal generator and controls all important physiological and biological processes. Cannabidiol (CBD) plays an important role in the functioning of the endocannabinoid system, as CBD stimulates the receptors. Therefore, CBD oil can help restore balance and maintain physical and mental health of the animal.

Optima CBD oil is widely used in dogs and cats for its relaxing and anti-inflammatory properties, making it often used in osteoarthritis and joint problems. CBD oil is also being used increasingly in horses, to improve performance. CBD Oil for Animals is an excellent tool for maintaining and supporting the health of dogs, cats and horses.

Administration of CBD oil to animals

The best way to administer CBD oil (domestic) animals is to mix this with the feed. The dosage depends on the type of complaints, but also on the size of the animal. The Optima CBD oil brochure describes the dose for dogs, cats and horses.

Improving the quality of life with Optima CBD oil

Global demand for CBD oil has risen sharply. There has been much research into the efficacy of CBD in (mainly) dogs, cats and horses, with only positive results. In addition to the relaxing and anti-inflammatory effect, CBD is also used in animals with diseases such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, chronic pain and nausea. Also, more and more people believe that CBD can increase performance.

Of course you always want the best for your pets. Optima CBD oil fulfills this desire as our oil contains 99.87% pure CBD crystals. Besides, our product is completely free of pollutants and other toxins, for maximum effect and results. Optima CBD Oil is therefore a perfect product for the improvement and care of animal health. For questions about CBD Oil for Animals contact us at info@optimacbd.com

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